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Miracle Gadget Gets You 10X Cleaner Than Ever!

For the past few years, the toilet paper shortage has become a glaring concern, with no one knowing when supplies will run out or what to do when that happens.

But it’s not all bad news – a genius startup is turning the failing $135 billion toilet paper industry on its head.

Blaux has figured out a way to offer a far superior alternative to toilet paper which could completely change the way we do our dirty business!

While the national broadcast services report constant toilet paper shortages this winter, the Blaux Portable Bidet is projected to become the most successful gadget of 2021 and 2022.

What’s the Blaux Portable Bidet?

The Blaux Portable Bidet was formed by experienced engineers specializing in bathroom hygiene. Their goal was to make a low-cost and easy-to-use alternative to toilet paper that could be taken anywhere and would never run out!

With zero installation costs, no maintenance needed, and a hi-tech portable design that’s less gross and more eco-friendly than toilet paper, the Blaux Portable Bidet is an engineering masterpiece. Compared to traditional toilet paper that requires your hands to get down and dirty, this bidet is much more hygienic. No more accidentally touching anything icky, and no more walking around with dirt in your pants!

This bidet is also gentler on the skin than those rough paper squares since it uses 100% water and ZERO abrasive scrubbing!

And since you can use it over and over (just refill it with water), the Blaux Portable Bidet is cost-effective and doesn’t churn out a pile of waste!

If you ask me, I think THIS is the future of personal hygiene.

How Does the Blaux Portable Bidet Work?

First time using a bidet? It’s easier than you think! Simply disconnect the reservoir from the bidet, then fill it up with clean tap water. Reattach the reservoir. Then, whenever you need to clean up, just toggle between the high- or low-pressure options. Point the bidet, then spray!

The powerful rechargeable 200mAh battery is another great feature of the Blaux Portable Bidet. You can get up to one week’s use from one single charge! Terrific for long trips, or just to keep in your home bathroom. With the Blaux Portable Bidet, you can get that fresh, clean feeling wherever you go!

But that’s not all you can get from this genius gadget! Using the Blaux Portable Bidet can stop itching caused by incomplete wiping. You can also use it to clean sensitive areas and relieve pressure in the delicate parts of your body. This reduces the risk of painful hemorrhoids or fissures.
Remove the water canister from the Blaux Portable Bidet and fill it with water.
Extend the bidet's
cleaning nozzle.
Spray wherever you need to.

What Makes the Blaux Portable Bidet a Bestseller?

✅  Premium Quality – The Blaux Portable Bidet uses high-quality, industrial-grade materials to create a product that you can enjoy for many years to come.

✅  Easy to Clean – Wash and sanitize your Bidet with ease! Every component can be cleaned in seconds. Important for anything that touches your most sensitive parts!

✅  Fast and Efficient – Just fill with water, point, and spray!

✅  Comfortable – Adjust the water pressure to get the dirt out comfortably.

✅  Lightweight – The Blaux Portable Bidet is compact, easy to carry, and fits in any purse or bag. Never worry about having enough toilet paper in a public restroom ever again!

✅  Made for Sensitive Areas – Traditional toilet paper can damage your skin, leading to pain and discomfort. Cleaning with water is natural and pain-free!

✅  Eco-Friendly – You can help save thousands of acres of trees just by ditching toilet paper!

✅  Long Battery Life – Get up to a week’s use with just a single charge of your Blaux Portable Bidet

Some Questions We've Had

Q: Does Blaux Portable Bidet require installation?

A: No, just fill it with water and you’re good to go!

Q: Do I need to buy my own batteries?

A: No, the Blaux Portable Bidet comes with a powerful, rechargeable 200 mAh battery. You’ll also get the included cable for easy charging!

Q: Is the Blaux Portable Bidet safe to use on sensitive areas?

A: Absolutely. It’s extremely gentle and is actually preferred over traditional toilet paper.

How Much Does the Blaux Portable Bidet Cost?

Traditional Bidets can go for $300-800+, when you include the cost of labor for the plumber to install it in your bathroom. So you would expect the Blaux Portable Bidet to cost this much.

But what if I told you that the Blaux Portable Bidet retails for only $99? And that there’s a way you can get it at an even lower price?

In celebration of the holidays and their successful year, the Blaux team is offering a 50% off discount. That means you can get a Blaux Portable Bidet for only $49!

That’s a small price to pay for a brand-new, ultra-efficient bidet that’ll keep you clean and refreshed long after the toilet paper shortages have ended.

How Can This Miracle Gadget Be So Affordable?

Did you know that big brands spend BILLIONS on advertising, physical stores, and boss bonuses?

Can you guess who’s paying for all that?

Yep, it’s us customers.

The Blaux Portable Bidet spends nothing on any of this. They only sell online and don’t advertise on TV, and there are no greedy middlemen who demand ridiculous bonuses. Instead, Blaux lets their product and their customers do all the talking for them!

The Verdict: Is the Blaux Portable Bidet Worth It?

With all those toilet paper shortages, rising costs, and a greater focus on personal hygiene, getting a Blaux Portable Bidet is a must if you want to stay clean and worry-free.

The Blaux Personal Bidet is already selling like crazy, and the owners expect their inventory to sell out even faster thanks to the holiday season and global supply shortages. 

Thousands of Americans have ordered theirs and experienced how much better the Blaux Portable Bidet is compared to traditional toilet paper.

And the price is just the icing on the cake. The 50% off promo could end anytime, so grab yours before supplies run out. You won’t find a better bidet for a better price anywhere else.

How Do I Get a Real Blaux Portable Bidet?

No knockoffs – your bottom deserves the real deal. You can only get the Blaux Portable Bidet from their official website.
Your body deserves the ultimate clean! Get your Blaux Portable Bidet now while supplies last.
As of
Thu Nov 04 2021 10:42:15 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
— Since the last toilet paper shortages, Blaux Bidet became a huge success and they’re almost always sold out!

Don’t hesitate, the inventory is almost sold out again!

CLICK HERE and Get your Blaux Bidet today while supplies last!
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Thousands of others are trying the

Brooke MacDonald This product is a god-send. I don't know why I didn't use it earlier!
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Julie Warner Roeske I never need to buy toilet paper ever again! I bought on for my parents as well.
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Brooke MacDonald Love this little thing! I travel a lot for work and this is a must.
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Jeanne McKenzie Absolutely a must have for people with hairy back ends and hemorrhoid sufferrers.
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Sherrie Nelson Never going back to TP. Buying another one of these.
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Joan Buchanan Miller I have one it is awesome.
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